Autonomous Women's Center and Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit within the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration organized the round table to present initiative for improving the system of mandatory maintenance (alimony) on 20th of November 2012, in Belgrade. The round table was organized within the project “Towards Social Cohesion – influencing social inclusion policy for multiply marginalized groups of women and victims of violence”, which was funded by the European Union.

The main objective of the presented initiative is to establish the new model of the mandatory maintenance, which would contribute to the realization of dependent children and their single parents’ rights and improving their financial situation. The initiative includes proposals which implies amendments to the Draft Civil Code (Part III – Family Relations), the Law on Enforcement and Security and the Criminal Code. The proposed model of mandatory collection of alimony includes: (1) formation of the Alimony Fund, whose establishment is envisaged in the Draft Civil Code; (2) temporary measures for non-payment of alimony: temporary ban on the validity of a driver's license, temporary ban on the validity of the passport, temporary ban on the vehicle registration; (3) the role of private enforcement officers, which could be envisaged by the Law on Enforcement and Security.

The round table was attended by 30 representatives of state institutions (Ministry of Justice, National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, The Higher Court in Vranje, Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit within the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration,  Provincial Secretariat for Economy, Employment and Gender Equality, Secretariat for Education and Child Protection of City of Belgrade);independent bodies (Commissioner for Protection of Equality, Ombudsman); non-governmental organizations (SOS telephone for women and children survivors of violence Vranje, Association for Autonomous Women's Initiatives, Association "Parent", Luneta, Initiative for Development and Cooperation, Child Rights Centre, Autonomous Women's Center); UNDP Office in Serbia and the media.

Round table presentations and report are available in Serbian here.

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