The Centre for Women War Victims is a feminist, anti-militaristic, non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1992 with an aim to support women victims of war and other forms of patriarchal violence. We have built the Centre on the experiences of women and the peace movement in which the founders of the Centre were active: Section 'Women and Society', Women’s Group Trešnjevka, SOS helpline - Women's Help Now, Autonomous Women's House Zagreb and Croatian Anti-War Campaign. Important experiences in building civil society in eighties we have transferred in the war context of our work by organizing a number of activities: psycho-social and direct assistance to women (counselling, self-help groups, housing, therapy, legal assistance, humanitarian aid, etc.), public awareness of the problem of violence against women, promoting women's human rights by sharing knowledge and experiences, building networks with other women's organizations, lobbying government institutions to improve the treatment and legal status of women.

Our mission is the elimination of male / patriarchal violence against women and tolerance in relation to such violence, women's enjoyment of human rights and strengthening the position of women in society at all levels.

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